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The “Thoughts Between Us” Journal ($30 value) is another valuable tool for your ever-evolving parenting toolkit. Journaling has been praised by experts, thought leaders and educators alike as a uniquely engaging way to foster healthy communication and connection habits between parents and their children. 


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  • Prompt emails from The Common Parent to help get the conversation started.

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  • The Common Parent Pen with 4 color ink options inside to express thoughts and feelings through various colors.

  • Emotion Stickers Packet - 6 pages filled with helpful stickers to use when words are difficult.

  • Tabs to mark special pages and thoughts to revisit and remember.

Heres what our Members are saying:


Parenting is hard enough, now add being a single mom into it. I'm so grateful to have this group and these topics to watch/read because I don't have a partner to discuss all the hard stuff with.

Now me = me plus these supports and for that, I am super grateful!


This parenting group has given me so many tools to use with my kids and introduced me to a parenting coach who has helped me to make some big changes in my household.

I have 3 kids and let's just say things can be chaotic but it's nice to know I'm not alone in this crazy parenting adventure.


It is so comforting to hear that sometimes other parents suffer too and that somehow together we will get through this particular hardship and help them thrive.

It is also helpful to hear how other parents have dealt with similar situations to get ideas.

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